What can Surfstraat do for you?

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Search Engine Optimization

Dedicated SEO for your website. We’ll conduct a thorough audit of your online presence, identify optimization opportunities and implement best practices to your timeframe that suits your budget, needs and location. Available as a one-off Audit or longer term project.

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Content Strategy & Copywriting

The online arm of your business needs written content to get seen and attract visitors. Outsource it to us at Surfstraat and we’ll write content exactly to your requirements, style and goals. Your customers will love it, and so will search engines.

Competitor Analysis Competitive research watersports

Competitor & Keyword Analysis

Seeing a competitor continually outperform you on search engines or social media can make you scratch your head and wonder how. Surfstraat can help you gain knowledge on how their strategies can be emulated, improved upon or avoided entirely.

Surfstraat’s Offerings

One-off SEO Audit

– Technical SEO Healthcheck
– Organic Search – Desktop/Mobile
– Keyword Analytics + Research
– Regional Competitor Insight
– On-Page SEO opportunities
– Extensive PDF report

SEO Project

– 2-4 Months with option to extend
– Dedicated Support & Reporting
– Monthly SEO Audit (complete)
– SERP Position Tracking
– Multi-regional Search Indexes
– Content Creation & Proofreading

Content Creation

– SEO Friendly & Optimized Article
– Over 500 words at industry rate
– Style matched to your brand & tone
– Industry standard pricing & quality
– Fast turnaround, per-word pricing
– Written to your topic and Keywords


– Native English review (US or UK)
– Language & grammar check
– Style and consistency
– Technical accuracy
– Professional Formatting
– Per word pricing

Why Choose us for your SEO, content or digital marketing needs?

Papers, please.

  • GoogleAds Certified
  • SEMrush Technical & On-Page SEO
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner & Foundation
  • ITIL v4 Foundation
  • Python3 Computer Programming – Foundation
  • Bachelor of Arts – Edith Cowan University (Western Australia)
  • Diplomas: WHS, Business Administration, Government, Security & Risk Management (College for Law, Education & Training)

Since Surfstraat’s inception, the goal has been simple:

Provide real value to businesses we relate to, without the bullsh*t.

The idea to begin Surfstraat came about through volunteering for veterans who suffer from PTSD in the Netherlands. And, seeing the power of Surf Therapy to help change lives.

Here, the benefit of Surfivor’s surf therapy program was drastically higher than their online presence. And, there was a gap Surfstraat could fill to help spread the word across SERPs, whilst the organisation focused on getting enough participants to stay afloat.

This, was a organisation for veterans, by veterans. 

So, not only did we help these veterans out in the water. The initial optimizations gained +136% in new users, and +163% sessions to their website in the first week alone.

For a charity/non profit, this means the ability to provide treatment to more and more participants for surf therapy programs.

Businesses in Europe, the U.S, the United Kingdom, Australia and beyond might choose Surfstraat for a number of important reasons. 


  • want an SEO professional with 6 years experience in IT and digital marketing.
  • are a Veteran Owned business, and want to support other veterans in business too.
  • know that water sports are more than just a hobby. It’s your passion & lifestyle too, and you want your business content to reflect it.
  • Need site-wide native-level English copy.
  • Feel that Large Online SEO agencies don’t suit your budget requirements.
  • Might not need a long-term SEO plan, but you’d like to see what can be optimised NOW.
  • See SEO as a operational task, not a magic-pill.
  • Want someone who lives and breathes for surfing, fishing, diving and wind-based water sports.

But, not every organisation has the time or knowledge to go all-out on SEO.

Luckily, we understand the importance of tracking and measuring your SEO performance. When you track and measure your SEO campaigns, the proof is in the pudding.

That’s why each of our services include regular reporting for:

  • Keyword rankings
  • Traffic
  • Goals
  • Return on investment
  • And Technical SEO.

Plus, we know that veterans and water sports lovers have little patience for beating around the bush.

With Surfstraat, our pricing remains transparent, our deliverables tracked, and you won’t be left in the dark.

Copy that.

If you found Surfstraat through a search engine query, it’s likely you hit our blog first. 

Every article written on Surfstraat is an experiment in itself on SEO, Digital marketing, and Copywriting.

It just so happens that Surfing is what gets us up in the morning, and Data is what keeps us awake at night.

The writing style used, however, is by no means the only style you should expect to receive through engaging us to write for your business.

For instance, the official project documentation i wrote for the Department of Defence – Navy, was the antithesis of my copywriting at Creative Fabrica (eCommerce marketplace).

You’d be able to guess which company got an article on Chinese Embroidery,
and which received Battlefield information system docs.

Any copywriter worth it’s sea-salt should adapt to suit the clients tone, and strategy. From Fujitsu to a Font marketplace to Surf therapy, Surfstraat has proven this ability.

Good Copy & Smart SEO:

  • Get you more sales & more new customers
  • Bring existing user’s back for more
  • Enhance your professionalism, or Humanise your high-tech jargon
  • Internationalize & expand the reach of marketing campaign
  • Take the pressure off small business owners!

Sure, you may read any or all of the above and think that it all sounds lovely. 

“Do you actually surf?”

Evidence of ‘surfing’ above

My Quiver:

  • DHD XRS – 5’4” x 20+½  x 2+⅜ – True love
  • Dead Kooks – 6’2” Snapback – Magic board bought in Portugal
  • Carver Triton 32” – Surfskate for Dutch flat spells

My Wetties:

  • Ripcurl Flashbomb 3/2 – Nearing Death, repaired 3x
  • Vissla Northseas 4/3 – seams horribly frayed
  • Srface Hooded 5/4 – Toastiest North Sea essential item
  • Quiksilver 3mm Booties – Noordzee winter item
  • Olaian 3mm Gloves – Decathlon paddling inhibitors

The Board Obituary:

  • CI Fred Stubble 5’11” – Never had a good session on it.
  • Tomo Sci Fi 6’2” – Snapped at 4ft Bondi (?)
  • Superbrand Madcat 5’11” – Snapped at 5ft Syd Northern Beaches
  • Softlite Popstick 5’0” – Fun. Turns like a wet towel.
  • 7S Superfish 2.0 5’9” – Worst $30 Cash Converter buy ever
  • Rusty AIDO 5’11” – the best $20 Cash Converter buy ever.

And Various second-hand oddities that escape memory.

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