How difficult is surfing?

In continuation with our strategy to focus on purely ‘long tail’ keywords and phrases surrounding surfers and the difficulty of surfing, this article will attempt to answer the commonly ‘googled’ question:

“is surfing hard?

Yes. The best way to learn to surf is to completely forego picking up a surfboard at all and starting out getting familiar with the ocean first. To make learning to surf as easy and fun as possible, you should first follow these steps:

  1. Get comfortable bodysurfing in waves at a break you can stand in.
  2. Buy or rent a bodyboard to master the timing of catching waves.
  3. Have a competent surfer explain the lineup and risks of paddling out at any beach.
  4. Take lessons from a school, or have someone teach you 1-on-1 with a soft longboard.
  5. Practice on a longboard until you catch and stand up on more waves than you fall.
  6. Invest in a 2nd hand board that is the right dimensions for your level.
  7. Set mini goals for yourself in each surf session that are achieveable.

The process of learning to surf or improving on your skills is going to be a long one. It should also be said that once on the path, it never fully ends, and this is much of the reason why surfers stick with it for their entire lives.

No matter how long you practice for, Surfing is difficult.

is surfing hard? this guy knows it's difficult to surf

Once you are at the point where you are comfortably catching waves and standing up, the fun part is well and truly underway. Being in a location that is suitable for beginners will also accelerate your progression towards competency in a variety of wave sizes.

It should also be stressed that once you start feeling comfortable in the lineup around more experienced surfers and difficult waves, the likelihood of being forgiven for breaking common surf etiquette drastically reduces too.

By and large, the goals you set for yourself when learning to surf are what determines how difficult the process of learning will be.

Can you learn to surf with Videos?

Yep. Follow the above link to reduce the already difficult surfing lesson experience!

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