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Worldwide Wooden Surfboard Shapers

Looking to find a shaper for your wooden surfboard dream? Or you may be looking for the closest DIY Surfboard Kit supplier in your region. Here’s a complete list of every wooden board shaper available online.


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Michael – Surfstraat

Here’s a selection of the articles i’ve written when in between optimizing websites for my clients. What excites me is analysing the marketing strategies used by the big brands. It’s testing the common ‘misconceptions’ of SEO, and, it’s experimenting with digital marketing solutions of my own.

Mostly, what you’ll find here is aimed at being light-hearted & informative, but coming from a passionate and personal place. I employ the proverbial ‘we‘ more often than i should, simply ’cause it sounds better. And, I thoroughly disbelieve in newsletter spam (although they are proven engagement strategies).

As always, feel free to leave an article suggestion or comment by sending me an email. Appreciate you stopping by!