What is Surfstraat?

And why does it exist?

Surfstraat is here to examine and comment on how we as surfers are communicated to – through marketing of big and small brands around the world.

Surfstraat is a provider of SEO as a service – search engine optimisation – for everything from surf schools, surf camps, fishing retreats, scuba diving, or any kind of business in between.

It’s also here to provide a platform for data-driven surfers to publish their thoughts on topics that aren’t generally covered by the surf-industry media.

What we aim to do:

  • Closely examine marketing efforts made by every size of player in the industry, to see what works, why it works, or if it works at all.
  • Wrangle various datasets on things like the WSL judging criteria, event results, customer & business behaviour + more.
  • Run and test experiments, and discuss our learnings, failures and successes along the way.
  • Inform you in an easy-going, thought provoking environment.

In short, we’re here to open a discussion that goes beyond the standard listicle post and recognizable blogging style, we want to dissect them down to the last character.

And, our aim is to help the businesses that are the backbone of our industry grow.


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