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What can you expect from a SEO upgrade?

Bespoke SEO Strategy

A complete search engine rankings roadmap, that is tailored to your business, your region, and your products or services. Every business is different, and can require a different approach to achieving SEO success.

Keyword Research + Optimization

Having a full keyword research plan can inform the type of content you publish as part of social media, on-site content, even down to the <h1> tags on your homepage. Ensuring that the correct keywords are identified for your business, and then implement across all your content is one of the most important factors for your SEO goals.

Competitor Analysis

What are some of the key things that your rivals are doing better than you? Perhaps you may think a business is your actual competitor – when really they arent even close. On a page-by-page basis, you’ll receive informed analysis on the strengths and weaknesses of your vs their sites, with actionable points to move forward.

Technical SEO Auditing

Is your site mobile friendly? Are there HTTP redirects that you aren’t aware of, but significantly hurting your rankings due to page load speed? Having knowledge of your domain duplicates, crawl errors, internal and external linking issues can all be made available to you through a detailed technical SEO audit.

On & Off-Site implementations

Content is key to ensuring your site is – at the very least – visible to search engines. Having outstanding, informative and trustworthy content get’s rewarded by pushing you up the search results pages. Are you up against the wall with your current content? Find out how to adjust, improve and test everything from images and soundbites, to your HTML.

Backlink Analysis and Link building

If there are toxic links hidden within your site, there’s a good chance that search engines will find them and could even penalise you for it. You’ll be able to see if and where they are and how to remove them. Plus, where to direct your efforts in gaining healthy backlinks from reputable sources.

Surfstraat SEO Digital marketing

Michael Allpress – Owner, Surfstraat.

I’m a firm believer in the beauty and application of good digital marketing and data. I started as a way to combine my two passions of surfing and SEO, with the intent to support local businesses in water-sports industries and beyond.

I’ve had the privilege to manage IT projects for the Australian Department of Defence, grow eCommerce websites internationally, and deploy on operations within the Australian military. Now, my aim is to also support other veterans in business by using Surfstraat as a platform to raise awareness of PTSD, and the organizations helping them live with it.

I’m currently based in Rotterdam, Netherlands and can be found surfing Hoek Van Holland and the Maasvlakte when the waves are on.